How It Works

Through the Interweave Model - an innovative process that integrates the best of business and social action - neighborhood groups enable their members to overcome poverty and become self-reliant. Several key factors make this positive outcome possible.

What happens?

Interweave staff select and train local in-country coaches in areas of extreme poverty. These coaches work through existing local networks – churches, micro-finance institutions and non-governmental organizations - to organize, facilitate, educate and nurture independent neighborhood self-reliance associations.

Using Interweave training and materials, these mutual-support groups become a powerful vehicle for participatory learning and action. Participants learn and work together to plan and implement efforts to improve business, home and community.


What do participants learn?

In regular meetings that utilize Interweave’s Success! - 6 Ps and the Q and Neighbors Working Together manuals, flipcharts, and powerpoints, participants learn how to work with others to improve personal Quality-of-Life, advance community problem solving and master and apply the 6Ps of businesss. These 6Ps include the following hands-on basics:

PlanSteps you need to make your business succeed. Participants develop a very practical plan to start or strengthen their business and increase income.

Product The item or service you sell. Participants choose products that help their business improve.

PaperworkYour income, expenses and goals in writing. Records reveal how effective the business really is and how to improve.

PromotionHow you attract customers. Effective promotion increases sales and profit.

PriceWhat you charge for your product or service. Setting the right price is key to success.  

ProcessHow you create your product and get it to customers. Participants find ways to cut expense and add value to their businesses.

In this educational process, participants not only gain information and skills, but also apply what they learn and share it with their neighbors.


How do participants’ lives change?

Participants become self-reliant as they start and grow businesses, access credit, increase income, improve their lives and solve community problems.


How do donations fit in?

Caring individuals and institutions make contributions through Interweave. Those donations cover the costs of applying the Interweave Model in one or more countries. They also help to establish a micro-loan fund in select locations.