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MBS Curriculum

Interweave Solutions can help your Business groups succeed. Here is how the program works:

The MBS Self Reliance Training Model was written by a Dr. Lynn Curtis, a PH.D in adult literacy and international development, Dean Curtis, masters in Education and assistant professor in communication and successful entrepreneur of a multi-million dollar company and David Curtis, MBA and successful entrepreneur. The material has been tested in self-reliance groups in the United States, Portugal, Colombia, Guyana, Uganda, Haiti, Ecuador, Bolivia, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Peru.

An MBS self-reliance group is different from all other business training because it is uniquely designed for the businesses in the streets or the villages. Five design techniques make an MBS self-reliance group perfect for the working entrepreneur.

1. “6 Ps” of business: A simple way to organize and analyze a micro business. We start with the basic learning outline of the “6ps” of business:

Plan, Product, Process, Promotion, Pricing andPaperwork.

Each discussion is based on this outline. So for those that have no money, promotion may mean finding used cardboard and borrowing a marker. For others it may mean setting up a website. Each person approaches the principle from where they are at in skills, reading levels, experience and resources.

2. Three circles of self-reliance: The MBS recognizes that a business in the street or village doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Family challenges such as alcoholism or health and community issues like delinquency and garbage must be addressed in a local context. Each MBS graduate will develop a home plan and a community action plan to help the overall business community grow.

3. Presentation Image case studies: Case studies are a helpful business-learning tool. However, necessity entrepreneurs sometimes find that reading is difficult. The MBS self-reliance program uses case studies methodology through simple presentation images. The group hears the situation, sees the images and discusses solutions to how to resolve the problems. Leadership, confidence and analysis are all learned without depending on the written word.

4. Group support model: Local micro business owners support and hold each other accountable and keep meeting for as long as they would like. Many micro businesses have no support system or local “chamber of commerce” to represent their interest. After receiving their certificate, MBS graduates continue to meet regularly to set goals, hold each other accountable and resolve local concerns.

5. Close to home: The MBS is taught by certified Success Ambassadors in the street, the churches, the villages and the homes of the informal micro business owners. The MBS model is affordable and scalable.  A Success Ambassador is a local person that wants to start his/her own small training business. He or She can get certified to train and organize MBS self-reliance groups. The curriculum is written and designed for street-smart but formally uneducated micro-business owners.

Interweave trains Success Ambassadors around the world through this on-line course. You must have access to Internet even though the majority of your students will not. If you complete the requirements you will become an MBS certified facilitator able to train those in the informal economy to succeed in business.

As a Success Ambassador you will make money as you help others succeed in business. With the Interweave training you will take the lead and contact government agencies, NGOs, micro business owners, friends, and associations to offer the MBS group program in your area. You will charge a local competitive fee per MBS graduate (approximately $20-$100 USD depending on the local market and a small portion of this fee will cover the MBS materials).

With training, curriculum written for the local micro business owner, and support from Interweave, Success Ambassadors can help thousands of people lift themselves from poverty.

In addition to learning how to run their businesses, local participants can earn the MBS certificate. For many this is the first certificate they have ever earned. It can be used to help obtain funding and to teach their children the importance of seeking an education. MBS training works!

The MBS self-reliance model makes it possible for an interested International NGO or person to sponsor a training event to start the self-reliance movement in the country of their choice. With online training and with the Success Ambassador kit, Success Ambassadors can be trained to create an MBS Self-reliance program in their city and can become self-reliant. We have some tools to help you succeed:

Facilitator Manuals

These manuals are designed to guide facilitators (without the need of previous experience) to conduct an interactive and successful self-reliance group. The manual takes you through the lessons that help participants have the tools they need to improve or start their own business. Participants are encouraged customize the program to meet their needs. The Interweave program encourages participants to include all areas which may affect their businesses, including their home life and community.

The last lesson of the business manual gives instruction on how to personalize your group and keep it growing for years to come. 

Participant Manuals

The participant manual is a way for group members to track their goals and progress as they participate in the lessons. It is their own personal journal to self-reliance and success. It is a place to write down the steps needed and commit to taking the actions necessary to succeed. Participants can have access to important information from our curriculum and can customize this information in their own manual. The participant manuals are a great way to keep group members motivated and on track. They are affordable and a great addition for your self-reliance parent group.  

On-going Training and Support

Interweave programs around the world can benefit from the latest research and training offered by Interweave. Interweave provides up to date information through our website and our online training courses. You can also join and collaborate with other MBS Success Ambassadors around the world by joining our social media groups

Personalize your program:

The interweave solutions self-reliance program is meant to be personalized to meet the needs of your participants. The program teaches participants how to become successful as a group that strives to learn essential business principles and reach self-reliance. As a program you will decide who the facilitator of the group will be and who you would like to invite to participate. You will also decide the curriculum and topics you want to cover with your group. You can choose to cover many topics from the areas of Home, Community, Education and Business.