A Path to Success, Autonomy, and Stability

Democratic Republic of Congo. John is the owner of a company in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He works in the commercial industry selling vehicles, clothing, and providing event services. He is a Success Ambassador that wants to encourage everyone to take the MBS course. 

Through the MBS course he found a way to improve his business that has brought him great success. His company did not keep Income and Expense Logs, which is used to keep track of money earned and spent. Whenever he had a family emergency, for example, he would take money from his company since he didn’t have a salary. Because of this, he never saw much improvement with his business. It wasn’t until he took the MBS course that he realized the importance of keeping track of his income and expenses and of separating his money from the company’s money. John saw a complete change in his business since implementing this principle, and the turnover increased remarkably in just one month.