Provo, Utah. Each month we host special online training for our Success Ambassadors from around the world as well as those striving to become Success Ambassadors and anyone else that’s interested. Check out the videos below to catch up on any you’ve missed!

Jan 2020: myPlatform and Grants

Dec 2019: Successes of 2019 & Goals for 2020

Nov 2019: Jobs to be done

August 2019: Introducing MBS Junior

July 2019: How to plan a Graduation

June 2019: Success Platform Training

March 2019: Celebration of Africa

November 2018: Meet the Success Ambassadors

September 2018: Developing a Successful MBS Business

Introduction to the MBS Program

May 2019: Code, Discuss, Act

December 2018: Goals for the New Year

October 2018: Invitation to Guyana

September 2018: How to Grow Your MBS Business

How to Become a Success Ambassador