What is an MBS?

What is an MBS?

A person earns an MBS (Masters of Business in the Streets) when joining an MBS self-help group of 5-15 people with a desire to start and/or grow a small business. They earn their MBS certificate by participating in 15 weekly classes led by a certified local Success Ambassador. You can join the group at any time in the 15-week training cycle. Each week you have to learn a new business concept, establish weekly commitments and give reports on how to implement the goals you worked on last week.

After the 15-week class session, if you meet the MBS requirements and are approved for compliance by our international staff then you will receive a certificate from Interweave Solutions, an international organization. Graduates will then set a schedule to meet regularly to act as a mini-chamber of business to solve local business problems such as street trash or crime. Among the group, the participants hold each other accountable for the course commitments and can invite other professionals from the community to speak. Groups are encouraged to use each other’s expertise as well as the resources of their community as needed to grow and learn. For more information on how to start or join an MBS group email team@interweavesolutions.org

MBS Online

If no certified Success Ambassadors are available in your area you can receive your MBS Masters of Business in the Street online by clicking the link MBS online. The cost is $47. If this cost is too high for you and you cannot afford it you can apply for an MBS Scholarship by writing to team@interweaveSolutions.org and explaining why you want to receive your MBS and why you need a scholarship. 

You will develop your plan for a business as well as set goals for a better home life and ways you can serve and improve your community. Once you receive an MBS certificate you can become a certified Success Ambassador and help others receive their MBS certificates by organizing MBS self-reliance groups. To learn more about what a Success Ambassador is, click HERE.

MBS Technology- New App for you!

One of the important steps in organizing your business is to do your financial paperwork. Many people don’t do their paperwork because they don’t record their sales or expenses at the moment they occur.
The Interweave Solutions MBS app makes recording your expenses and sales, making reports and sending them to other people a simple process. It is easy to use and is a benefit of the MBS program. You can use the Interweave Solutions MBS App free if you are earning your MBS certificate. 
How to use the Interweave Solutions MBS App:

Click this LINK to go to YOUTUBE and watch videos specifically made to guide you through the App. 

  1. Download the Interweave Solutions App from the App store on your iPhone or Android smartphone
  • You can type “Interweave Solutions MBS” in the search bar of  the App Store in an iPhone smartphone or follow the link on your phone HERE
  1. Configure the App to your company
  • a. Go the menu on the app (lines on the upper left).
  • b. Choose your settings
      1. Choose Language (touch the language and choose from the list on the bottom then press done.)
      2. Add your data about your company.
      3. Add sales tax % so that you will charge that if needed.
      4. Choose whether you will be paid a salary or commission.
  1. Add your products and Inventory
    1. As you list each product or service, list the price and choose the category you want for each product. 
    2. You can also add the amount you have to each product (inventory) to help keep track of your products.
    1. Go to the menu and choose products.
    2. List the products and services you sell and how much you will charge for each item. 
  1. Record your sales and expenses
    1. Mark the amount of products or services you sell at each transaction
    2. If there is a discount or added charge make the changes as needed.
    3. Register the sale!
    1. Add the expense you occur.
    2. If you have paid that vendor before it will show up on a list. Choose that vendor and add the amount spent.
    3. Register the expense!
    1. Sales
    2. Expenses
  1. Pay yourself
  • In settings choose salary or commission as the way to pay yourself.
  • Register the payment. If it is a commission it will be based on the percentage of gross sales in the pay period. Register the payment.
  1. Make reports and email them
    1. Choose the report you want under reports in the menu.
    2. Choose whether you want a daily, weekly or monthly report.
    3. Mail reports by going to the three dots… on the top right.
    4. Choose “Generate a PDF.”
    5. If you want to email the PDF go to the three dots… and choose email the report.
This “Interweave Solutions” MBS app will be a great help to you in doing your paperwork. Enjoy!