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MBS Certificates: 854

MBS JR Certificates: 0


Success Ambassadors


Gabriel Rojas


Fernando Castro

Andrea Cisneros


Amalia Apaza


Helga Bilbao


Jacqueline Alcántara


Claudia Ampuero


Fabio Aruquipa


Janeth Mendoza Santillan


Viviam Paola Aviles Davila

Mariana Jorge

Marianela Balboa

Vivian Aviles

Lila Alvarez Yujra

Edwin Mollinedo

Wilder Galarza

Luis Fernando Ilaquita Fernandez

Marco Antonio Suarez


Impact of the MBS course in Bolivia

Participants are asked to complete a self-evaluation before and after completing the MBS course. The following report demonstrates the impact of the MBS course based on the evaluation results in Bolivia.

Agree/Disagree | Before/After

I have my own business. | 59% / 87%

I have a plan to improve my personal life. | 50% / 84%

I serve in my community. | 42% / 75%

I save money regularly. | 51% / 77%

My family spends less than we earn. | 62% / 66%

My family can afford the basic necessities of life. | 83% / 81%

I keep business records. | 40% / 81%

My business has improved because of the MBS course. | 0% / 87%

My income has increased because of the MBS course. | 0% / 87%

Bolivia Success Stories