Mission, Vision, and Values 

Interweave Solutions is an international nonprofit organization that specializes in self-reliance. Outstanding people around the world are able to change their lives through Interweave Solution Success Ambassador program. They learn how to start or  grow their own businesses and create plans to improve their homes and communities. Many also participate in our literacy and education programs.
At the start of 2020 we have had over 3,800 graduates and over 173 Success Ambassador teaching the self-reliance training around the world. Currently we have established programs in over 30 countries and continue to grow as an organization.
Thanks to all our hardworking clients, generous donors, and wonderful volunteers.
Mission, Vision and Values
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We move people from poverty to prosperity through neighborhood self-reliance groups. 


Self-reliance groups transform the way the world fights poverty. Through these groups, millions of people will achieve higher income, better homes, and improved communities.


Mutual Respect 

The Power of Groups 

Creating and Sharing Success Stories 

Always Improving 


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