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Interweave’s training is based on the revolutionary teaching method called FAMA (Facts, Association, Meaning and Action). FAMA is a hands-on teaching method that generates learning, group participation and action. Interweave’s Success! series includes an Education, Business and Home and Community curriculum– the curriculum includes: facilitator and participant manuals, flip-charts, and PowerPoints that enable participants to master and apply the concepts that will elevate their lives. Click on the links below to learn more about each curriculum and how you can order it.

Interweave Solutions  can help your Business, Home & Community, and Education self-reliance groups succeed. Here is what the program offers:

#1 Facilitator Manuals

These manuals are designed to guide facilitators (without the need of previous experience) to conduct an interactive and successful self-reliance group. The manual takes you through the lessons that help participants have the tools they need to improve or start their own business, improve their home & community or focus on education. Participants are encouraged customize the program to meet their needs. The Interweave program encourages participants to include all areas which may affect their businesses, home life, education and community.

The last lesson of the business manual gives instruction on how to personalize your group and keep it growing for years to come. 

#2 Participant Manuals

The participant manual is a way for group members to track their goals and progress as they participate in the lessons. It is their own personal journal to self-reliance and success. It is a place to write down the steps needed and commit to taking the actions necessary to succeed. Participants can have access to important information from our curriculum and can customize this information in their own manual. The participant manuals are a great way to keep group members motivated and on track. They are affordable and a great addition for your self-reliance parent group. 

#3  Flip Charts

Our flip charts contain images that group facilitators can use to guide a discussion with ease. The purpose of the images is to stimulate the discussion of the group. Pictures are used in our FAMA model of teaching. FAMA is an accronym that stands for Facts, Association, Meaning and Action. In this model a picture is shown as a code which participants can use as a visual aid to stimulate meaningful conversations that promote action towards group goals. Target questions regarding these images are used as discussion tools that will enrich conversations among group participants. 

#4 Power Point Presentations

Our Powerpoint Presentations have images for each lesson in our Success! curriculum in the areas of Business, Home, Community and Education. If you are facilitating  a big group and have the necessary access and equipment these powerpoint’s can be a great tool to enhance your group sessions. You could use them in auditoriums to facilitate staff trainings and group meetings.  

#5 On-going Training and Support

Interweave programs around the world can benefit from the latest research and training offered by Interweave. Interweave provides up to date information through our website and our online training courses. You can also join and collaborate with other MBS Success Ambassadors around the world by joining our social media groups

Personalize your program:

The interweave solutions self-reliance program is meant to be personalized to meet the needs of your participants. The program teaches participants how to become successful as a group that strives to learn essential business principles and reach self-reliance. As a program you will decide who the facilitator of the group will be and who you would like to invite to participate. You will also decide the curriculum and topics you want to cover with your group. You can choose to cover many topics from the areas of Home, Community, Education and Business.

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