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Virtual World Conference:
Moving people from poverty to prosperity

April 9th at
9:00 am DMT
via Zoom
by sign up only

About us

Founded in the 2008 by 3 family members who were dedicated about solving poverty and making a lasting impact to individuals all over the world. 

Lynn Curtis had nearly 40 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations in community development.

Dean Curtis taught college business classes and later created and sold a multi-million dollar company that helped people on welfare find work.

David Curtis received his MBA and owns several businesses in partnership with Dean. He was very successful in business but had seen the efforts of his father in community development and had always wanted to have a social impact.

EN-2022 Virtual Conference

Our Impact

Today, thousands of individuals from 50+ different countries are finding success inside of their businesses, making an impact within their communities, and solidifying their family unit through the programs Interweave Solutions offers. With global partners we have be able to impact thousands of individuals. We want to thank you for all support and donations.


Worked with over 20+ different NGO's

Worked with over 20+ different NGO's

Our Impact


to empower others


with us to make a lasting difference.


to start the course

Projects through People

Working hand-in-hand to make a better world for our future generations to come, from one person to another.

MBS Course – Key to Starting Her Business

I really enjoyed the MBS course and my success ambassador was very friendly and supportive.

MBS Program Has Been Life Changing

However, since I started applying the MBS principles in my personal life and business, I have noticed a significant improvement in my life.

Finding the preparation needed to open a business through the MBS

I had an incredible experience and each unit took me to another one because the content is very clear, objective, and practical.

Join our global movement

In the midst of the pandemic, thousands of individuals that had businesses were struggling. But Interweave Solutions saw immense growth during this time and continue to grow. With your help and generosity, we can continue to help individuals who want to learn how to start and grow their businesses, improve their family life and also make a lasting impact in their communities. 

Our Partners

Our Partners in making the world a better place.

EN-2022 Virtual Conference
EN-2022 Virtual Conference
EN-2022 Virtual Conference
EN-2022 Virtual Conference
EN-2022 Virtual Conference
EN-2022 Virtual Conference
EN-2022 Virtual Conference
EN-2022 Virtual Conference