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Help Your Community Become More Self Reliant!

Not enough money?

You want to help your community?

Do you want to improve your home?

Do you want to improve your business?

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Watch this short video below that explains how you can take advantage of the economic benefits and business training to become an Ambassador for Success today!


Interweave Solutions Success Ambassador Program has

Everything you need 

to have a successful training business that will have a significant impact in your community!

Master of Business Administration in the Street (MBS) course
Training Course for Success Ambassadors



Interweave Solutions is a life changing program that helps people move out of poverty into prosperity through self-help groups.

I have benefited a lot from the MBS training and have always wanted people to be able to participate in the training. #MBSisthewayoutofpoverty

Oluwalana Kunle Victor, Nigéria

Excellent program, it brought out something in me that was there and yearned for freedom but didn’t know how.

Hemy Nege, Nigéria

It is a program that has completely changed my life, in my home and in my business. Super recommendable!

Helga Zimena Bilbao Burgoa, Bolivia

The Interweave Solutions program has been very important in terms of knowledge on how to undertake and manage such a business to ensure its success.

Myrian Asencio, Ecuador

These courses have pushed me to improve myself as a person to support and help the people around me. Now I dream of greatness and I want to be a great self-employed entrepreneur.

Brenda Beatriz Echeverria Sanjines, Bolivia


Masters of Business in the Streets Course
  • Asset and Loan Analysis
  • Learning to set goals
  • Learn how to become an Ambassador for Success
  • The 6 P’s of business
  • Community Impact
  • Receive the Master of Business Administration in the Street (MBS) certification

Success Ambassador Course
  • Learn how to Generate Groups
  • Learn how to Facilitate Groups
  • Learn how to Graduate from Groups
  • Learn how to Manage Groups
  • Certification of Success Ambassadors