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The Help a Friend Program


Friends in a foreign country are asking you for money. What do you do?

Peter found himself in a similar situation. He is a returned missionary from the LDS church. He made a wonderful friend from his mission whose family passed away. He asks Peter for money.

Peter is in a dilemma. If he says no, he is refusing to help a friend. If he says yes, he knows that it is a short-term fix and it will not provide for his friend’s long-term needs.

He knows it is difficult to find a job in most developing countries. Most people have to start their own business. They buy and sell in the street in order to survive. Most think with enough money they can succeed in business but they don’t have a plan or knowledge on how to do it.

What Peter’s friend really needs is business training and support.


There is another option. Peter can help his friend get the support he needs to fund a simple street business using the “Help a Friend” program from Interweave Solutions.

Here is how “Help a Friend” program works:

  • Peter invites his friend to sign up for a Masters of Business in the Street (MBS) online course. The MBS course is designed specifically for starting and growing businesses.
  • Peter can donate any amount he likes, $25 or above. The $25 pays for the course, the ongoing support and the online MBS certificate. If Peter donated $100, $25 would pay for the course and $75 (minus wiring fees) would go to his friend to help him start his business after the friend completes the course.
  • His friend will receive this fund as soon as his friend completes the MBS training and earns his MBS certificate. A MBS certificate is earned by completing the online self-reliance business course and developing and implementing a business, home, and community service plan.
  • Interweave is in consistent contact with his friend, verifies his coursework and his business, home and community service plans. Upon completion of all requirements, Interweave awards Peter’s friend the Masters of Business in the Street certificate.
  • Peter now knows that his friend has a real path to economic success. Peter has acted on his desire to help in a way that has not caused dependency.

If you do not have a specific participant in mind, you can make a donation starting from $5 or above to the scholarship fund for other MBS participants who are seeking to start their own businesses around the world. 

Email or call 801 710 9885 if you have any questions.

The Steps to Follow 

  1. Invite your friend to the MBS program. Tell them what it’s all about! For more information, click here
  2. Donate $25 or more by clicking this link
  3. Look here to see if there are Success Ambassador courses for your friend in their local area. If not, your friend can take the course online. Send your participants to take the course by sending them this link. They will sign up for an account on our Learning Management System, and we will let their Success Ambassador Mentor know that the course has been paid for and taken care of. 
Help A Friend