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Success! in Home and Community is part of a program that moves individuals, families and communities from poverty to prosperity through neighborhood self-reliance groups.  This program allows non-governmental organizations, government agencies, micro-finance institutions, churches and schools worldwide to help their members strengthen their families and become more self-reliant. Home and Community are two of the four components of the overall Interweave Self-Reliance Program (HOME, COMMUNITY, EDUCATION and INCOME).

Through Home & Community neighborhood self-reliance groups, parents come together and lead discussions on how they can strengthen family relationships and serve in their community. Real-life situations will be discussed along with establishing a quality of life and community action plan. The group together will create a service project that will benefit their community. By improving family relationships and community people can move from poverty to prosperity.

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Home & Community training materials are available here!

Interweave has self-reliance group manuals to help groups of people learn more about how to improve their homes and communities. The following are manuals you can use to conduct meaningful discussions with your groups on these crucial topics that affect their every day lives.

Interweave’s Neighbors Working Together Manual- “Neighbors Working Together” is a discussion guide for community action. This manual includes the following topics:

  • Literacy for Social Change.
  • Recognizing and Transforming Conflict in the Home and Community.
  • Recognizing State and International Conflicts that affect your Community.
  • Creating Peaceful Communities
  • Working Towards Negotiation and Compromise.
  • Setting Educational Goals.
  • Health Issues.
  • Living in a Clean and Safe Environment.
  • The Importance of Human Rights.

If you are interested in this manual for your group you can access by clicking HERE.

Interweave’s Home and Community Manual- “Success! in Home & Community” includes the following topics:

  • Improve your Quality of Life.
  • Strengthen Your Family.
  • Community Service.
  • Your Community Action Plan.
  • Improve Your Income.
  • Find a Better Life Through Education.
  • Seek Education for You and Your Family.
  • Bring Literacy to Life.
  • Create Literacy lessons based on participant lives.


Click HERE for Neighbors Working Together