Interweave in Guyana

Berbice, Guyana. In 2014, Interweave Solutions partnered with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to provide business training to its members all over Guyana. A year later and after measurable success, Dr. Lynn Curtis and two Success Ambassadors presented the program to the First Lady of Guyana, who proceeded to make it a key part of her office’s agenda. Since then, Interweave’s Master of Business in the Streets program has grown and thrived throughout the country.

Success Ambassador: Sanjay Pooran

Sanjay Pooran is one of the original Success Ambassadors in Guyana who played a critical role in developing the program and gaining sponsorship from both the church and the government. Since 2014, he has facilitated over 20 workshops and trained about 1000 people across the country. Sanjay affirms that working with Interweave has positively impacted his life in many ways. “It has been a tremendously positive and transformative exercise for me. I have learned to work with people, build partnerships, and help make change in communities across my country.” As he’s worked hard to help his family, friends, and others become self-reliant, he has gained for himself an “appreciation for the personal struggles and challenges of others.” He says “I have found great strength by witnessing the resilience, strength, and character of men and women who, despite all odds, are willing to learn, grow and succeed. This has been, perhaps, the most important opportunity I get at every training I conduct.”

Large-scale Impact

In the four years that Interweave has been active in Guyana, over 1600 people have improved their lives by learning and applying the principles taught in the MBS program. The inspiring transformations Sanjay is privileged to witness include abused women finding power and confidence to confront their offenders or walk out of relationships, illiterate adults humbling themselves enough to seek help from their children in learning to read, and determined women turning a fleeting idea into a thriving dried fish exporting company. Sanjay comments “The creativity, imagination, drive, and power of these folks is inspirational. I often wonder if we were to harness the potential of the people of our country, we would be beyond wealthy. But we are getting there… Interweave Solutions is making its mark and showing what Guyana can do when it is self-reliant.”