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Programs Provided by Interweave Solutions

Interweave Partner Programs
Interweave Partner Programs


For those who can’t read their native language, Interweave Solutions has developed a process to enable participant leaders to create their own literacy manuals that begin with simple stories and themes from their participants’ lives.



This manual begins with simple english, and teaches reading and writing sounds and words related to business in order to develop beginning capacity to understand business concepts in English.

We typically conduct a three-day training of trainers that combines ABC’s.

Interweave Partner Programs
Interweave Partner Programs


For those with English reading/writing basics who still struggle to listen and speak in English, this manual advances beyond the ABCs of Business to help participants gain vocabulary and practice conversation to discuss business and participate in English self-reliance courses.


Interweave Solutions tested signature business training program enables participants to start and/or grow small businesses, strengthen their homes and improve their communities.

Interweave Partner Programs
Interweave Partner Programs


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Interweave Partner Programs

In addition to the inspiring impact of our Success Ambassadors, Interweave Solutions partners with outstanding multi-national organizations to advance literacy and enterprise among people in need who often confront extreme crisis – women kidnapped as teenagers by ruthless guerilla forces in Africa, families stranded in sweltering refugee camps in Iraq and Lebanon, dirt-poor farmers barely subsisting in the Sahara, survivors of floods, victims of abuse and indigenous tribal groups in Latin America who can’t read their native dialect let alone the Spanish needed to do business.

Interweave Solutions leads with unique expertise, MBS materials and specialized training to enable our partners to find literacy and business solutions to these most difficult situations. 

During 2019-20 Interweave traveled to Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Mali, Guatemala and Mexico to show our partners ways to reach people who face intense need. The organizations who serve these struggling clients – Choice Humanitarian, Escalera, Engage Now Africa, LDS Charities, Ouelessebougou Alliance, Cav Cap, Thrive Gulu, Engage Now Africa, No Poor Among Us, Care for Life, Candian Humanitarian, Hope Arising, Yehu, Tandemm and others – are deeply committed. Together we move people from poverty to prosperity.