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What is an MBS?

An MBS (Masters of Business in the Streets) is earned when one joins an MBS self-reliance group of 5-15 people with a desire to start and/or grow a small business. They earn their MBS certificate by participating in 15 weekly classes led by a certified local Success Ambassador. You can join the group at any time in the 15-week training cycle. Each week you learn a new business concept, establish weekly commitments and give reports on how to implement the goals you worked on the week before. Among the group, the participants hold each other accountable for the course commitments and can invite other professionals from the community to speak. Groups are encouraged to use each other’s expertise as well as the resources of their community as needed to grow and learn.

After the 15-week class session, if you meet the MBS requirements and are approved for compliance by our international staff, you will receive a certificate from Interweave Solutions International.

Who can receive an MBS?

Anyone who is interested in becoming self-reliant through starting or growing their own business and is capable of meeting all the requirements.

What are the requirements in order to graduate with an MBS?

In order to obtain your MBS, you must attend the group sessions regularly. You must comply with the weekly promises you make as well as develop three plans (business, home, and community). MBS graduates report a 64% increase in their income and savings, 73% improved quality of life and 74% improved communities.

How can I sign up?

You can choose one of four different options in order to become more self-reliant through the MBS Program.

  • Take the class for free. No certificate will be provided at the end of the course, but you can receive the self-reliance training that you need in order to become successful.
  • Pay $25 to certify in the MBS class. You will be able to receive the self-reliance and business training that you need, as well as become a certified graduate from an international NGO.

Or, you can make your experience more personal and meaningful by doing the following:  

  • Pay $40 to certify in the MBS Course. With this option, you are assigned a personal mentor (Success Ambassador) that speaks your language and has started a consulting business. They can help you throughout the course with difficult concepts, help you keep track of your progress and suggest how you can better improve throughout the course.

Please Note: If you are living in one of the following areas, we will request that you meet with your nearest local Success Ambassador in order to be trained and certified in the MBS course. We will put him/her in contact with you as soon as possible. It is always better, if possible, to be trained face- to- face in order to more clearly and effectively understand and execute principles and promises throughout the course. The cost of your certification can be discussed with the local Success Ambassador.

Colombia: Bogota, Soacha, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Fusa

Ecuador: Quito, Santo Domingo, Otovalo, Guyaquil

Chile: Santiago

Paraguay: Asunción, Concepción

Honduras: Choluteca

Guyana: Georgetown

Liberia: Monrovia

Africa: Benin


Once you are part of the program, (or even before), to help you improve your business, download the Interweave MBS App. For more information about the app, click here.