Saving jobs and saving lives

Mexico. Maria Garcia started her work as a stylist when she 27 years old. She continued her work for over 22 years, when suddenly she was left without a job, unemployed. She couldn’t believe what had happened. 

The cause of her unemployment? The coronavirus. Maria says that her way of thinking and even living changed drastically during this time of unemployment. 

And then, her life changed. She heard of a course called Master of Business of in the Streets (MBS). Even though the idea of returning to study hadn’t even crossed her mind before that moment, she decided to sign up.  

These are her words: 

“When I started the classes, I realized that I could do something to change my situation. I learned to value myself more, and that even during difficult times we can keep moving forward… The MBS program taught me how to save, promote, distribute, crear and grow a business, how to manage that business, and so much more! 

“Thanks to this course, my business is up and running, and is successful! I bought material and a second-hand sewing machine and got to work. Now that I knew how to run a business, I wasn’t afraid. I began to make masks! 

“Now I dedicate myself to making and selling masks, something vital in our society today during these difficult times. When some people close doors on us during this pandemic, we can open door and innovate during this time of crisis. 

“It was so relieving to me to have this source of income, now that my hair salon will not open for quite some time because of the virus. I am thankful for the MBS program for the help and support that it gave me. I am also thankful that this program empowers women to take charge of their own small business. The teachings I learned are invaluable.”

We are so proud of Maria and amazed by her ability to apply what she learned in our program. She taught us that the MBS doesn’t only save jobs, it can help save lives!