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Our purpose of creating this course is to provide a way for you to become more self-reliant. In the full MBS course, you will learn: 

  1. How to start or grow your own business 
  2. How to improve your home life 
  3. How to help improve your community 

After learning how to become self-reliant, you can then train others how to do the same by becoming a Success Ambassador! This can either be a part-time or full-time career. 

“I am so grateful for the realization that I do not have to stay poor my whole life.”
– Maria C.


Russel Mbaya trained and supported leaders of 62 self–reliance groups in church congregations throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Lissette Swensen has organized many self–reliance groups for parents to improve their childrens’ education and family income in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Diego Lizano of Quito, Ecuador has trained Success Ambassadors in South America where they are offering Interweave’s MBS program throughout the continent.

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“I am a Success Ambassador and I have my own training business, even though I had very little before starting …Now, I use Interweave materials to train people all around the country.”

– Wayne Barrow, Guyana

As a Success Ambassador you can

  • Start your own training business.
  • Make contacts with governments, microfinances, and people in your area.
  • Improve the economy of your community.

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real ruth website square pic

Ruth Valdierre trained her friends in Portugal and then took the program throughout her native city of Assuncion, Paraguay.

Ruthie 018 - Version 2

Ruth Kyenye trained 108 mothers in their Uganda community to start microbusinesses and overcome AIDS.


You can become a Success Ambassador!



You can be a Success Ambassador and have your own business as a facilitator of MBS self–reliance groups. There are three steps:

  1. Take the MBS Introductory course. It’s free and around 30–40 minutes. You will learn about the 6 P’s of business, 8 ways to improve your quality-of-life, and how you can become a Success Ambassador.
  2. Take the Full MBS course online. You will have a Success Ambassador to help you get your MBS graduate certificate.
  3. Take the Success Ambassador course online. You will learn how to run your own business by offering the MBS program in person to your community.

You can help your neighborhood and earn money at the same time!

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Some quick statistics from the MBS program:

    • 64% of participants reported an increase in income.
    • 64% reported an increase in their savings.
    • 73% reported an increase in their quality-of-life.
    • 74% more community involvement.

Many people have take these online courses and received their MBS certificate. This process is easy and effective!


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