Connections Across Africa

Nairobi, Kenya. Jude Nwachukwu, a Success Ambassador from Liberia, recently met up with pastors from around Africa to attend a two week conference in Kenya. While there, he completed a 10-day MBS training for a participant who has since had his paperwork approved, received his MBS certificate and is working towards becoming our first Success Ambassador in Kenya. Jude also met other pastors from Zambia and Sierra Leone (pictured below), who are both interested in taking the MBS program to their countries. One of them already has a group of 60 willing and excited to take the MBS course in Sierra Leone. We are so excited for the progress in Africa and so grateful for Success Ambassadors that represent Interweave well at all times. It’s because of people like Jude that we can grow and expand into new nations. 

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Monrovia, Liberia. Back at home, Jude has been working tirelessly with his own MBS groups. He’s currently facilitating two groups, with about 90 participants total! He works with one group in the city where he lives and regularly makes a 2-3 hour taxi trip to the interior of the country to train his other group of over 50 participants. Both are progressing quickly towards graduation.

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