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2015 Goals

All of our recent expansion in Ecuador has brought even more opportunities to bring self-reliance to those who need it most.  Our goal this year of $58,000 reflects the expansions we would like to make.  With hundreds of groups now functioning, we need an in-country representative to facilitate communication between the groups an Interweave.  We also need materials for thousands more participants. Your donation provides materials desperately need by impoverished persons in Ecuador.  

Interweave’s growing presence in Ecuador–which began in 2009, is leading thousands of families nationwide to success. With an unprecedented range of local program partners, Interweave’s innovations in Ecuador are making self-reliance history.  



2014 Achievements

Interweave has undergone a major expansion in Ecuador during 2014.  We have partnered with ConQuito, The Metropolitan Economic Development Agency, in a pilot program for 2014.  Our new goal is to bring Success! In Business to all of their 18,000 members in 2015.  One of the major focuses of the partnership is to help women to start businesses. 

Research showing unique success:  In 2012-2013, CitiBank funded a research project in Ecuador to quantify the value of teaching business principles to recipients of FINCA loans. A quality of life survey was administered to 90 loan recipients. 66 of the participants were divided into 6 groups who participated in Interweave’s Success! in Business training. The other 24 were in 3 groups that did not take part in the education. After 6 months, the survey (which FINCA had spent years validating) was administered again. These were the key results:

Success in Ecuador

After the 6 months of training, all the groups that received it continued, grew and repaid all their loans. Of the 3 groups that did not participate in the training, 2 collapsed completely and defaulted on their loans. 

Indigenous women: Through partnerships with ProLiteracy, Consejo Nacional Electoral, and AMJUPRE, Interweave is helping women’s groups nationwide to increase income and improve their lives and communities. Big business starting micro business – Large shoe manufacturer, Inducalsa, uses Interweave training and materials to help its 360 factory employees start small businesses.

Big business starting micro business: Large shoe manufacturer, Inducalsa, uses Interweave training and materials to help its 360 factory employees start small businesses.

Micro-loan clients thrive: With Interweave’s unique program for borrowers within microfinance institutions, Atuntaqui and FINCA Ecuador loan recipients are growing their businesses and paying off loans.

LDS Self-Reliance: More than 1,000 Church members in 64 congragations are starting businesses, strengthening homes and improving their communities with Interweave. 

All statistics were obtained from the CIA World Factbook

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In This Country

Profiles: 15
Population: 15,654,411
Area: 283,561 sq km
GDP Per Capita: $10,600
Capital City: Quito
Capital City Population: 2,671,191
Population below poverty line: 25.6%
MBS Graduates: 130
Additional Partners: ConQuito, CitiBank, FINCA, ProLiteracy, Consejo Nacional Electoral, and AMJUPRE, LDS Church, Inducalsa, Atuntaqui


  • All She Wants to do is Dance!


    Jacqueline was in desperate circumstances.  She needed to have a source of income, yet she didn’t feel she was qualified to do anything.  Having very low levels of education meant Jacquel

  • Bunnies and Eggs

    Violeta Penafiel | San Rafael (Deseret Valle)

    I have been working in agriculture for 64 years. I raise rabbits and chickens to sell for eggs and meat. The Interweave trainings have taught me to put my skin in the game like I never did before.

  • "I had the skill needed to help people, but I did not have the know-how to run the business."

    Maria Abalco | Cangagua

    I worked for the Ecuadorian Bank of Living for 40 years. I met my husband there, all of my friends, and I was planning on retiring from my great job.

  • Having Goals and Reaching Them!

    Amado Campo | Otavalo

    Hola, I am Amado Campo from Otavalo, a city right outside of Quito, Ecuador. I am so grateful to be learning so much about business from the Interweave program.

  • Gifted Hands

    Mauricio Simbana | Calderon

    Since my youth I have learned to work hard. My childhood was not a pleasant experience for me but I have learned to overcome many challenges because of the lessons I learned growing up.

  • With these Tools, I will Succeed

    Maria Correa | Carapungo

    I am Maria Correa.

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